Best Metal Fire Pit Covers and Lids

Fire pits have been increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. They are a pretty low-cost investment given the level of upgrading they provide to your backyard, both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of providing a lot of fun and ambiance to your backyard get-togethers.

However, while fire pits may seem like a little expenditure given how much they can improve the entire appearance and feel of your home, they aren’t so inexpensive that they should be ignored. One of the greatest ways to extend the life of your fire pit is to get a fire pit cover, which is a much lower expenditure. Firepit covers and lids come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and materials, but we think metal ones are the finest. They’re the greatest method to ensure that your fire pit doesn’t suffer considerable (or any) wear and tear during the winter months, when it’s unlikely to be used, and that the ashes from the put-out fire don’t spread around your yard.

Here, we’ll give you our honest opinion on the best outdoor fire pit metal covers currently available on the market, as well as detailed reviews on their features and disadvantages, interesting information about metal fire pit lids you should know before making your purchase, and a comprehensive buying guide that’ll walk you through the most important aspects of fire pit lids and teach you how to choose the right one for you.

Continue reading to learn more about these seemingly easy improvements to your fire pit, as well as the many alternatives available.

1. Firebuggz SNUFFER Fire Pit Cover

We actually mean it when we claim that the Firebuggz fire pit covers with circular aluminum are heavy-duty. This robust and stunning lid is constructed of durable stainless steel and weighs a whopping 25 pounds. It will keep your fire pit area squeaky clean, with little to no water, leaves, dirt, or debris.

This fire pit stainless steel cover has a unique feature in that it is totally flat and has a hinge in the centre that allows it to be folded in half and stored conveniently, which means it won’t take up too much space in your garage during the months you aren’t using it. The built-in handles are meant to make transporting this heavy metal lid as simple as possible. The pit’s outer diameter is 32 inches, and the handle cut-outs are 1 inch from the outer edge. When it comes to the edge, acquire a rubber trim because the edges of this lid are rather sharp and might cause a cut.

Due to the pit admitting just a little quantity of oxygen, this is a very efficient fire pit snuffer cover, and you can really snuff out a fire simply by putting this lid on top. Another amazing feature is that by just placing this cover on, you can create a huge outdoor table. One of the finest features of the flat fire pit cover is that it can transform your fire pit into a sleek, multipurpose surface that’s perfect for large outdoor gatherings and children’s birthday celebrations. Also, if you require bespoke metal fire pit covers, the Firebuggz firm manufactures these, so feel free to investigate further and learn more about what they have to offer.


  • Sleek, flat design
  • Heavy-duty
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Turns the pit into a table


  • Very sharp edges


2. Higley Fire Pit Covers & Screens Fire Pit Lid

The amazing, 39-inch Higley fire pit lid is a circular, conical dome-shaped top that fits a variety of different-sized fire pits and will easily allow water and snow to drip off of it. The stylish metal logo panel of the company is positioned on one side of the modern-looking steel fire pit cover, which comes in a universally flattering bronze color that fits into almost any scene. The minimal look is enhanced by a stylish metal logo panel of the company that is positioned on one side of the lid.

While the firm takes an upfront and honest approach with its clients, explicitly admitting that nothing can prevent 100% of water and fluids from getting to your fire pit, the customers have all been pleasantly pleased by the craftsmanship and attention that went into producing this fire pit lid cover.

The Higley fire pit cover lays flat on the surface and protects your fire pit from the elements, including rain, snow, and even the sun, which can dry up and harm some materials. The fire pit cover includes two metal grips on each sides that make it simple to carry regardless of the weight.

Furthermore, no matter how strong the wind is, the weight of the lid keeps it from blowing off the fire pit. The only true drawback to this lovely metal fire pit cover for a round fire ring is its astronomical price. On the one hand, the price reflects the meticulous attention to detail, as well as the high-quality materials and design, but on the other hand, this kind of price point only makes sense if you are completely enamored with the cover’s appearance.


  • Conical, dome-shaped sleek design
  • High-quality materials
  • Two handles
  • Durable


  • High price


3. All Backyard Fun Metal Fire Pit Cover

The circular metal fire pit cover from All Backyard Fun has won us over with its simplicity and quality. This 22-inch beauty is composed of high-grade metal that has been powder coated with a lovely copper vein in a rich, dark golden brown color that will instantly improve the elegance of your backyard. It’s designed to fit Oriflamme fire tables, but this outdoor fire pit lid can fit almost any circular fire table with a diameter of less than 22 inches.

This fire pit lid is produced in the United States and weights 8 pounds, ensuring that it will not be blown away by high winds. With this seamless solution against wind, rain, and snow, you won’t have to worry about your fire pit being exposed to the elements – simply seal it off and enjoy the stunning new addition to your backyard that’s sure to draw attention.

The heavy-duty design of this metal fire pit cover ensures that it will not move around or let any water into the pit, preventing the fire pit from rusting or corroding. Furthermore, the use of copper-aluminum alloys ensures that the cover will not rust – in fact, several buyers have stated that it is of even greater quality than they anticipated.

The lid’s surface has small imperfections and isn’t smooth, which adds to its rustic appeal but also produces material thickness variances across the lid. These imperfections, however, have no bearing on the lid’s overall efficacy and are merely cosmetic. Because of the high-quality materials utilized in the construction of this fire pit cover, you can anticipate to pay more than one C-note for this lovely new addition to your garden.

One thing to keep in mind with the All Backyard Fun metal cover is that if you have a fire pit made of scratch-prone materials, the edges of the cover may harm it because it lacks a protective rubber trim that would make the product totally defect-free. After all, no one is flawless, am I right?


  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Rich, deep copper-brown color
  • Won’t rust or corrode
  • 8 pounds
  • Durable
  • Adapts well to different styles


  • Bottom edges lack a protective rubber trim


Other metal fire pit covers and lids to consider

4. Outland Firebowl Cover & Carry Kit

The Outland Firebowl gas fire pit lid, which is 19′′ in diameter and is created particularly for the famous Outland Firebowl and Firebowl Deluxe fire pits, comes from a well-known firm that specializes in producing gas fire pits.

The Outland metal gas fire pit cover is lightweight, as are most metal gas fire pit covers, because it’s designed for portable fire pits, which are also lightweight owing to their design and purpose. The top of the lid has a strengthened user-friendly carry handle that is attached to the bottom of the steel lid by nylon straps with four strings at the end. This makes carrying and handling the cover and the whole fire pit a breeze on your different camping excursions, picnics, and activities.

This practical metal fire pit lid’s long-lasting and water-resistant construction will extend the life of your dependable fire pit and save you money! However, there are some drawbacks to this seemingly flawless round fire pit cover, one of which is the sturdiness and overall quality of the straps, which are prone to tearing, so be cautious and, if you have the time and patience, reinforce the stitching in the handle area to prevent the strap from tearing.


5. Double Flame Lid for Fire Pit

When you don’t feel like sitting around the fire pit any longer, the American-made Double Flame stainless steel fire pit lid is twice as quick to put the flames out. This 19-inch smoke-reducing cover, made of 304 stainless steel, will protect your fire pit from the weather, and because it’s totally flat except for the wide handle on top, it may double as a tabletop for beverages, snacks, or even smaller plates.

The lid isn’t meant to withstand heavy rain or stay underneath the snow during the winter, as it often happens with tight-fitting metal outdoor fire pit covers that are round in shape, because water will seep through the millimeter of space between the fire pit and the lid and soak the ashes left inside. As a result, the fire pit may corrode from the inside out, rendering the cover obsolete. This is less likely to happen if you use an extra water-resistant fabric fire pit cover, or if you live in very harsh weather, consider investing in heavy-duty metal fire pit lids.


6. Curonian Fire Pit Steel Cover

If you don’t want to acquire one of our top three recommendations, the Curonian fire pit lids with circular metal form are always a good option. This fire pit cover is made of high-quality carbon steel and is 31 inches in diameter. This robust cover will shield your fire pit from trash, rain, snow, falling leaves, and a variety of other annoyances that come with bad weather. However, one apparent disadvantage of this fire pit metal cover is that carbon steel is susceptible to oxidation and rust formation, whereas stainless steel is not, which is something to consider if you live in a wet location.

The Curonian fire pit cover weights 17 pounds, which strikes a balance between being durable enough to withstand strong winds and being light enough to avoid an unintentional gym exercise when handling it. The lid’s top handle is strong and simple to grip, and the lid itself is ideal for putting out a fire before night without having to think about it. Customers have commented on how well this cover matches the company’s high-quality fire pits, such as the Parnidis Large or Memel Large.


7. TK Classics Cast Fire Pit Burner Cover

The TK Classics has created a cast aluminum fire pit burner cover that has the greatest versatility of all the ones we’ve looked at so far — it also serves as a lazy Susan! This 21-inch unique cover not only protects the fire pit from the weather, but it also adds a little pizzazz to your backyard; after all, how many people can boast of a Lazy Susan outdoor table? Yeah, we were thinking the same thing.

The TK Classics aluminum cover is made of the same robust materials as the company’s fire pits and comes in a contemporary granite grey hue. Some customers, however, have had to make adjustments to the lid in order for it to spin around, which is a nuisance and a half day of work that includes drilling and replacing metal brackets on the underside of the cover. However, if you have the expertise and time to do it, you’ll end up with a nearly unbreakable fire pit cover that spins smoothly and looks wonderful for patio breakfasts, garden parties, and family barbeques.


8. Heininger Black Fire Pit Cover

The Heininger fire pit cover resembles the Outland Firebowl cover in appearance and uses the same carrying strap. It is easy, practical, plain-looking, lightweight, and promoted as a cover that will last you through all four seasons. It has a diameter of 18.75 inches and is meant to suit the Heininger #5995 fire pit, much as the Outland one.

It will keep the elements out of the pit, allowing it to last longer without rusting. The primary two disadvantages of this gas fire pit cover are that it is thin and that it does not cover the gas control knob, which, if left exposed to the elements, might corrode fast when covered in snow. Furthermore, because the handle isn’t firmly attached to the cover, it has a propensity to slip and slide, making transporting this lightweight lid a challenge.


About metal fire pit covers and lids

In some ways, fire pits are comparable like dogs. If you have a puppy, you’ll almost certainly need a leash, a bed, food, and water trays, as well as crates, bags, and any other apparently little item that has the potential to make your life much simpler. The fire pits are the same way, only they’re not as fluffy.

Companies have created a plethora of options that offer protection from the elements to your brand new and shiny fire pit. Because fire pits have a price point that makes you think it’s a good idea to buy one and make your backyard that much more enjoyable, but also makes you think about not wanting to buy one fire pit after each winter, companies have created a plethora of options that offer protection from the elements to your brand new and shiny fire pit.

Some people opt for a simple mesh fire pit cover, although its function is usually to keep the flames and ashes from spilling beyond the pit, rather than to keep the weather out. Another alternative for fire pit protection is a cloth cover that can be worn over the fire pit like a winter coat and provides enough protection. Fabric covers, on the other hand, are prone to wear and tear, so you’ll probably come to the conclusion that you need to up your game and invest in a robust and durable metal fire pit cover at some point.

Metal fire pit covers come in a variety of shapes and are designed to extend the life of your fire pit. They may also be fun to use just to put out the fire and hot embers before calling it a night, rather than waiting for the fire to go out on its own.

You should buy a square metal fire pit cover or a round metal fire pit cover depending on the design of your fire pit. We’ll also take a look at some of the cover’s fundamental components, such as handles, straps, and safety rubbers, which we’ll go over briefly below.


Handles and straps

Because there aren’t many methods to raise and place the lid without handles, every fire pit cover will have one or two. The handles range from unstable to strong, depending on the quality of the lid and the price range. They are constructed of the same material as the lid.

The handles can be built out of straps that wrap around the lid and link to the rest of the fire pit, or they can be made out of metal knobs, which are less visible but slightly less useful. In any case, it’s a good idea to keep a heat-protective glove or a towel by your side to avoid burns and other inconveniences.


Safety rubber

Many metal lids are constructed of relatively thin, strong metal that can be a touch rough around the edges – literally. Many individuals have been injured on the sharp metal edges of their fire pit covers, so make sure to ask about a rubber edge trip that may act as a protective bumper for you, as well as the flat, potentially sensitive surface of the fire pit itself.


Buying Guide

In general, many businesses produce fire lid covers that are exclusive to their line of fire lids, so you should have no trouble locating one that fits your needs. If you do find yourself in need of a decent fire pit cover, we’ve put together a quick purchasing guide that will lead you through the most crucial elements of fire pit covers.



Make sure the fire pit cover is at least half an inch wider than the pit. Although a tight-fitting lid may appear more elegant, you risk water leaking through the little area between the lid and the fire pit, causing damage to the fire pit. To be safe, invest in a fire pit fabric cover with water-resistant characteristics if you choose the ‘right’ fit for your fire pit.



You may choose a round, rectangular, or square metal fire pit lid depending on the design of your fire pit. There isn’t much to say about this part of the lid except that if you’re looking for a square or rectangular one, keep in mind that the edges and corners aren’t razor-sharp, which is important to keep in mind if you have children running around in the backyard.

There are also flat and round/conical fire pit covers available. The flat ones, by definition, are multipurpose and are better at putting out fires owing to the rapid lack of oxygen they produce when placed on top of the pit. Conical lids, on the other hand, are more likely to encourage rain and water to flow to the floor rather than remaining on top of the lid and corroding it. There isn’t one that is plainly superior to the other; it is simply a question of personal taste.



Aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel are the most common materials used to make fire pit covers. We believe that aluminum is the ideal alternative since it can be both rust-proof and lightweight, which is something that a steel one will struggle to achieve.

The capacity to resist corrosion is the primary distinction between carbon and stainless steel. Both of these steels have iron in them, which oxidizes when exposed to the environment, resulting in rust. The thing about stainless steel is that it has chromium added to it, making it more rust-resistant than carbon steel, which is why we like it for this sort of product.


Functionality and Storage

There aren’t many things you can do with a fire pit lid other than turning it into a table and, in the case of the TK Classics aluminum lid, turning it into a Lazy Susan, which is cool. If you don’t have a separate table in your garden, a flat-shaped fire pit cover is the way to go.

When it comes to flat lids, a piano hinge that allows them to be turned and stored in half is quite handy, even if it’s simply for the sake of conserving garage space.



The benefits and purposes of both lightweight and heavyweight fire pit covers are the same. Lightweight lids are typically seen on portable fire pits, which require a light cover for portability and ease of handling.

If you have a stationary fire pit and don’t want to worry about the wind shifting the lid, the stronger, heavier lids are the way to go.



Prices for fire pit metal covers vary greatly depending on the material, thickness, weight, and rust-resistant characteristics. They can range from $30 to $300. Naturally, if you have a $50 fire pit, you’ll purchase the cheapest lid you can find, but if you’ve spent upwards of $1000 on the ideal fire pit, spending a couple of hundred dollars more doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.


Other information

We’ve discussed how fire pit metal covers are used to safeguard fire pits. However, in some circumstances, having a metal fire pit cover is more vital than having a fire pit. If you go camping, for example, you can simply create a fire pit in the ground and even a barbecue if you’re handy enough. However, having an open fire in nature is never a good idea, which is why having a flat fire pit metal cover may be quite beneficial in the wild.

Metal warms up fast, particularly when it comes into close contact with the fire. When working with a fire pit metal cover, it’s a good idea to wear heat-resistant gloves.

Take a look at the modern and elegant Lakeview 21′′ stainless steel lid if you’re searching for a square-shaped fire pit cover.


Living with metal fire pit covers and lids

If the metal cover on your fire pit corrodes, you don’t have to replace it right away. There is a technique to get rid of rust on each of the materials described above – take the time to research some information on your unique lid and other people’s perspectives, as well as watch a few YouTube tutorials on how to deal with rust on metal items. Beyond all, the cost of the metal fire pit cover isn’t cheap most of the time, so be prepared to put in some extra effort after the first two years.



There are several variables to consider when selecting the ideal fire pit lid for your outdoor space’s needs, habits, and desires. We’ve compiled a top-eight list of high-quality metal fire pit lids, as well as a full, complete buying advice and extra information to assist you in making the best decision possible.